New attempt-- babysitting eli

So besides teaching choir, after-school clubs, and tutoring, I start babysitting eli. He's a 2-year-old boy of a Mom in my ward and I've gotten acquainted with her through working in the clubs together. I guess 2009-2010 is my young-children-experience year since I've been working with young children so closely.

I've never been a morning person yet I need to get up early (around 7:40 am; I know it's definitely not early enough for some people but it's surely my bottom line now) for eli. I go to his house around 8: 20 to take him from his mother's arms and watch him scream for being separated from her. A bit depressing this part, I know. Then we would watch go diego go, Ruby and Max, and umizoomi together. Yeah, how on earth I got to know these kid's shows? I feel as if I am young again-_- I'm also learning kids language via these shows; definitely a new, neat experience for me though.

I've been thinking that this must be God's way to put me through in order to learn how to deal with my own children in the future. Patience is true virtue and I've never really learned it. Maybe I'll be able to after all of these and be content with where I am at in my life.


The first post in 2010!

So things haven't changed that much. I'm still teaching choir and some other subjects at the elementary school a couple of blocks away from my house. A 5th-grade teach and I came up with a "mean" idea to put the rowdy kids there under the control--place a camera recorder there and firm the entire class! It's been working out so far yet I don't know how long it would last. Well.

This morning, when I was sleeping in and reluctant to get off bed, I suddenly had an epiphany. I'm turning 30 this year and have no children yet. "What should I do? Can I still have children when I'm 40? I'm applying for another job I'm interested in and thank goodness that it would be a full-time position. If I'm given a chance to take the job, how can I get ready to have a baby?" Such kind of inner babbling just echoed in my mind. Urrrr. One disadvantage about getting married late.

The new year has started but I'm not quite ready for it yet. I'm following the flow and hope things would go much better in the following months:) (And I'll try to visit here and contribute more often)