summer vacation

Back from Taiwan and two different kinds of work training, I'm finally feeling that I'm on a vacation. Although I still have some private students on hand, life pace is slowing down to the extent that I can appreciate my vacation more. I can literally stop by a lavender bush and smell it or feel the Utah dry, cool breeze brushing on my face.

The trip to Taiwan was good yet not with some regrets. There are always some people I don't get to meet and there are always things I don't get to do. During the roughly 2-week stay in Taiwan, relentless rain was our constant companion, who tracked us down almost everywhere. Not the ideal situation, I know. We ate out as often as possible to mark off the items on my restaurant list. I guess we were always in a hurry to somewhere. I thought often on my way to catch up something (a train, metro, bus, or an appointment), "there's just not enough time..."

So here I am, back to Utah and occasionally wonder about what I could have done in Taiwan a couple of weeks ago. (I know, this is life, or it's just me.) Gotta cook more at home before going back to teach.

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The Bozemans said...

Looks delicious! I'm sorry you felt rushed in Taiwan. =( That is never fun, but at least you got some things crossed off of your restaurant list! We'll invite you to the apartment soon! Our family is in town this week, so maybe next week!