Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!

I know, I know, I have been slacking on blogging again. I can't even believe I only wrote one entry in September. So let me do a quick recap about what had happened in September...
2. I finally, sort of, found a job and I did it two days before my birthday. I viewed it as an answered prayer:) It's just a part-time, which allows me to teach in after-school programs (as a para professional) for about 11 hours per week. The best part is that the elementary school is two blocks away. Yes, I can just walk over there 5 minutes before the class starts. (Unfortunately, I do need to walk over about one hour earlier to prepare for classes, ha!!) I am teaching 5th & 6th grade choir, 3rd grade reading,  2nd grade mind & motor skills, and 1st grade arts & crafts. I need to say it's a bit intimidating....I am almost covering the entire years!! I've never thought I would work at an elementary school...LOL. I am also accepted by an agent as a translator yet no job comes in yet. My wish is to save up some more money so I can have a baby before I turn 30! 
So tomorrow (or today, if you're in Chinese time) is the mid-autumn festival. I hate paying 30 bucks for not-so-fresh, high-in-preservatives moon cakes so I decided to make on my own. I learned how to make it from Sue and worked on it with my friend, Cathy, together!
                                             Hard-working Girls!
                                             Just out of the oven!
                                              A close-up shot!

Since the recipe was in grams, we needed to transfer every measurements to cups (I don't have a gram scale yet). We were worried that we would have messed up the cakes but I think we did ok. Traditionally, this kind of moon cakes would have salty duck yolks inside; we omitted it for the sake of scare resource and health concerns. These babies have refined red bean paste inside. They're very very fattening though. 


The Bozemans said...

They were delicious! Thank you so much for bringing us some. Oh, and happy mid-autumn festival! =) Oh, and happy birthday! I need to make you a cake and card. And I didn't know you were teaching now. Yu-ting! We need to keep in touch better! We only live two doors down! Haha!

Jenny's LoVe BloG said...

Finally we got some news from you. It has been a while to hear anything from you.

I wish I could go to Provo to celebrate mid-autumn festival with you and have a Taiwanese style BBQ.

Your moon cake looks so professional!

superegobear said...

To Jill: Yes, we only live two doors down, haha! I'm guilty of keeping my life updated for you^^ But I will do my best from now on:) p.s. You really don't need to make me a cake and card since you're so busy with your schooling...
To Jenny: I just got lazy in blogging, I guess. Sometimes I just don't know what to write about. Life could be pretty monotone sometimes. I know, it would be fun to have a Taiwanese style BBQ together, wouldn't it? I miss Taiwanese BBQ sauce so much but I can't get it in Provo and don't want to drive up to Sandy just for it either. Do you know there is a pretty big oriental store up in Sandy? Is it called 大中@@

Jenny's LoVe BloG said...

I know. I went there a couple times. I wish I lived there. They have many Taiwanese product.

BB said...


教小學生~真的一點都難以想像啊 哈哈哈
不過我真新的相信你會做的很棒的 =)

蛋黃酥做的真好 !